May 12, 2017, the National Standards Committee issued the “People’s Republic of China National Standard Announcement No. 2017, No. 17”, by the semiconductor lighting joint innovation of national key room led the development of national standards GB / T 33720-2017 “LED lighting products luminous flux attenuation accelerated test methods “release, will be implemented on December 1, 2017.

GB / T 33720-2017 “LED lighting products luminous flux decay accelerated test method” is the State Key Laboratory of semiconductor lighting joint innovation “semiconductor lighting product reliability test and analysis” common research project results transformation, for the rapid and effective evaluation of LED lighting products the flux decay characteristic of a detection method provides a reasonable and easy, without affecting the accuracy of the traditional reliability evaluation test time is shortened to 6000h 2000h, LED lighting and color stability, and other subsystems the power driven, the heat dissipation structure and a secondary optical design to establish the basic reliability, can be widely used on the market most of the interior LED lighting, road lighting and special lighting.

The standard for our LED lighting companies to save a lot of testing time, is of great significance for business development cycle and reduce costs, speed up the development of LED lighting industry.

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